Basic Concepts


 Your first step to start with GTI is to open an account. This is where you see your PC & RC balances, Transactions history, Profile, Contact center, Daily profit and all other features of "My Office" area. You can access to your account if      you have Investor ID, appropriate password and Security PIN.

Your Balance:

It shows your total investment on each account type you have with us.

Activation Fee:

The Activation Fee is an annual fee associated with the establishment of an account with us.

Remaining days:

It means the number of days your account will remain active. In order to continue using your account, all you would need to do is simply pay the activation fee and keep your account alive.

Captcha (Text Image):

A Captcha is a randomly generated number that is displayed to stop automated log in attempts by scripts or programs. It’s an added security measure to help protect your account. It is different from your transaction code.

Virtual Keypad:

It's basically a virtual keyboard to enter your vital information in appropriate field. It's used so that no hacker or key logger program could read your password and essential information while you are clicking with your mouse on it.


It's our first security layer which you have to enter it when you go to log in page. When you enter your password, then a welcome message appears indicating your name. If your name is not displayed correctly then leave this page immediately.


It's our second security layer which you should enter in login page after your password is accepted. Pin-Lock is generated automatically when your account registration is complete.


It’s our third security level which is a number between 6 to 10 digits. It is used to ensure that no one except you is changing your profile, transferring your RC funds or accessing your PC earnings.

When you are using a Pin-Lock, no hacker can gain your Pin-Code because you will never type it and no key logger program can identify your Pin-Code, the only way that your Pin-Code can be compromised is by you telling others or  someone sees you entering your Pin-Code. This technology makes your access much safer than ever.

Account Type:

It means the type of account such as Main, Beginner, Basic or Special. Depends on your investment portfolio, you can have one (or more) account types.

PC (Personal Credit):

PCis the abbreviation form of "Personal Credit ". This is the balance which contains your daily profit. All these profits go to your PC balance which you can withdraw your PC earnings to your bank account. You can use the exchanger option in Transfer tab to exchange your PC funds to TC or CC funds.

You can't upgrade your Deposit Level with PC earnings, instead you should exchange your PC earnings to CC and then you can upgrade your Deposit Level.

You can't transfer PC earnings to another investor account either.

RC (Referral Credit):

RC is the abbreviation form of “Referral Credit ". This is the balance which your referral commissions will be transferred to. You can't withdraw your RC earnings to your bank account.

You can transfer your RC funds to another investor account too.

  • RCA(Plan 'A' Pending Referral Credit)
  • RCB(Plan 'B' Pending Reward Credit)


GC (GTI Credit):

When you transfer money to our bank account, you'll receive GC funds from GTI. You are required to have at least 25% GC in order to upgrade your account. GC is not transferable to any other account.

TC (Transferred Credit):

This is the kind of credit that you can transfer to other accounts, or use to upgrade your account (accompany with 25% GC.)