General Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and conditions, together with the General Policies and Disclaimer document, are the legal documents The Member agrees to when joining GTI. The statements made herein are intended to protect everyone participating in GTI. We reserve the right to add and alter them if deemed necessary.


The terms and conditions are between GTI and you "The Member"

Term and condition 1 - Age

The Member hereby agrees that The Member is 18 years of age or of legal age in terms of the governing laws in his/her country related to making decisions on financial issues. In the event that this membership is being benefactor to another person, the person or entity needs to be at least 18 years of age and have presented the information required in GTI process to take over the membership as defined in terms and condition 16 "Legal".

Term and condition 2 - Security

The Member hereby accepts responsibility for keeping all information secure, private and records of all transactions the Member make within GTI. GTI protects all records, transactions and information by providing the maximum security we can on GTI servers.

Term and condition 3 - Transactions

All transactions, deposits and withdrawals related to any of the private transactions will be deemed final. In the event of any dispute, such dispute must be emailed using our support link. It will be investigated and resolved via the terms, conditions, and regulations of GTI.

Term and condition 4 - Taxation and legal advice

The Member accepts sole responsibility for any and all appropriate taxes as charged within the Member’s country and hereby indemnifies GTI and its owners of such a liability.

The Member agrees that The Member has been advised to consult his/her own legal counsel and accountant in regards to tax, financial, accounting, legal, and related matters.

The Member agrees that GTI and its owners have fully disclosed that GTI is not a licensed security trader, licensed securities broker, government employee, attorney, CPA, or a certified financial planner, and that actions from The Member are conducted at the Member's own free will.

Term and condition 5 - Source of funds

As a Member of GTI, The Member agrees that any funds The Member forwards to GTI are free from any and all tax, imposts, levies, duties, charges, liens or encumbrances of any nature whatsoever, and are under his/her control and discretion, and are immediately available. The Member also agrees that the Member's funds are legally earned or obtained, and of non-criminal origin.

Term and condition 6 - Cancellation

Any GTI Member can cancel or terminate the Membership at any time and without any notice. Termination means the private transactions will be released to the account balance with described fee deduction in Cancellation section. Any Member who wishes to cancel the account will be dealt on the same basis as terms & condition 15 "Minor termination". GTI or any of the management reserves the right to "terminate with immediate effect and without notice", should any Member be in breach of this terms and conditions. Please see terms & condition "termination".

Term and condition 7 - Private Transactions

The Member agrees that the contemplated private transaction is strictly one of private placement and the contemplated transaction does not rely upon or relate to the United States Securities Act of 1933 as amended or related regulations, the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong, or Section 57 of the Financial Services Act 1986 (the "FSA") in the United Kingdom, and does not involve the sale of securities.

Term and condition 8 - Information

The Member agrees that The Member has requested information from GTI by The Member's own free will and that GTI has not solicited The Member in any way.

The information, communication and material contained within this website are not to be regarded as an offer or a solicitation for investments in any jurisdiction which deems non-public offers or solicitations unlawful, nor to any person to whom it will be unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation.

The Member confirms that the transaction entails no payment of any "up front" fees for services. If The Member misrepresent any information on this website regarding GTI in anyway his/her Membership will be terminated and The Member will be penalized in accordance with term and condition 15 "Minor termination" or if necessary term and condition 15 "Major Termination".

Term and condition 9 - Liability

The Member agrees to indemnify and relinquish all principals and registered Members harmless of any liability. The Member is placing private transactions with GTI Partners at his/her own risk and agrees that past performance is not an explicit guarantee for the same future performance. The Member agrees that all information, communication and material The Member will find on this website are intended to be regarded as an informational and educational matter and not investment advice.

Term and condition 10 - Change

GTI reserve the right to change the term and conditions, commissions, rates, periods and any other financial information of GTI and the Private transactions at any time and at the sole discretion and without prior notice. This is done to respect the integrity and security of the Member's interests, the system, GTI and its owners. The Member agrees that it is his/her sole responsibility to review current or updates to any terms or conditions.

Term and condition 11 - Acceptance

GTI reserves the right to accept or decline any Member registration. In the event of such Member having conducted a private transaction with GTI, the private transactions will either be accepted or be dealt with in accordance to the term and conditions governing GTI. Declined Member/s registration will be dealt with in accordance to term and condition 15 "minor termination".

Term and condition 12 - Communication

GTI offers various methods of communication and a fully staffed e-support team to handle questions and queries of all members. It is the Member's responsibility to keep communication channels open and to keep The Member's messages within such communication channels honest, clean, respectable and positive. Emails sent from GTI can be blocked by filters, resulting in a lack of communication. GTI will also communicate to The Member via an e-support announcement section (Contact Center).

Term and condition 13 - Publicity

GTI will not tolerate or accept any bad publicity of any nature, from anyone whatsoever. The posting of information in any "media" source about GTI, its owners and staff must be kept appropriate and in line with the terms, term and conditions and regulations of this site. If The Member publicly release any of the information contained within this website The Member will be terminated from the Membership - see term and condition 15 "major termination", term and condition 16 "legal action". GTI will terminate the Membership as per term and condition 15 "major Termination".

Term and condition 14 - Confidential

The Member agrees that The Member has requested of GTI specific confidential information and documentation by becoming a Member. Any information GTI provides to The Member is for The Member's interest and purposes only and at no time is for distribution. The Member agrees to keep all information received from GTI strictly confidential and shall not disclose any of it to any third party. "Confidential Information" shall be deemed to be but is not limited to all information, data, calculations, computer programs and software facilities, structures, projects, GTI Private transactions information, facilities and programs, investment techniques, relationships, contacts, buyers and sellers, agents, consultants, clients, customers, intermediaries, banks, trusts, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, telex numbers, e-mail, Internet access addresses, or other means of communication, and includes, bank information, transaction codes and references, bank coordinates, borrower and lender identification, business, trusts, corporations, groups, individuals, partners, owners, brokers, terms and conditions, provisions and essential operation of all discussion, letters, faxes, memoranda, documents, contracts, leases, bank instruments, licenses, permits, privileges of any nature or kind which has been or will be disclosed, or discovered directly or indirectly by GTI or The Member or The Member's entity. The information between The Member and GTI shall remain confidential at all times, and no time now or in the future shall The Member share of the GTI program secrets without gaining permission from the owner first. The information is the sole property of GTI whose disclosure shall be at his/her discretion. The Member also agree that should any information and passing of said information to certain parties, resulting in a loss to GTI in any way, the member/s and any and all parties utilizing the Information shall be severely and wholly liable for such loss to GTI and that term and condition 15 "Termination" and term and condition 16"legal action" will be used against the said Member.

Term and condition 15 - Termination

GTI will not tolerate anyone who breaks the term and conditions and regulations of GTI. This organization is a under strict guidelines and we will not tolerate any Member breaching these guidelines for any reason. Please contact our customer service department to avoid breaking any of the term and conditions and guidelines associated with GTI.

We have a "No second chance policy". These term and conditions and regulations are in place to protect every Member. We will not tolerate any Member who breaks any of the term and conditions and will follow through with either "minor or major termination"

Minor Termination: Minor termination occurs when The Member breaches the terms and conditions as set out. Any private transactions within GTI will be released to account balance. A penalty will be applied to any earnings. The Member's original capital only will then be returned to The Member via the payment provider that The Member has supplied to GTI and it includes a Cancellation fee as described in Cancellation section as the result of damage The Member did to GTI.

Major Termination: Major termination occurs when The Member breaches the "publicity" term and condition 13 or seriously breaches any of the term and conditions within.

Any private transactions within GTI will be immediately forfeited. The Member will be liable for all legal costs associated with The Member's actions and GTI will forward all The Member's details to the GTI attorney to proceed with the necessary action to recover costs.

GTI will immediately hand all The Member's contact details including all the information that The Member forwarded to GTI in the GTI process to the GTI attorney to start immediate legal action.

Term and condition 16 - Legal

Legal Action: GTI will not tolerate any breach of the terms and conditions set out within and will forward the breach of the term and condition along with the member information as per term and condition 17 to the company attorney to take the appropriate action to resolve the matter.

Local Legal issues, IMPORTANT: Private transactions may not be allowed in some countries. As a Member of GTI, The Member agrees that the requested materials and business transactions will not violate any federal, state, or local laws, regulations, or community standard, and The Member also agrees to bear the full, complete, and sole responsibility for bringing such material into The Member's local community. It is the responsibility of you the member to follow the rules and regulations in the country you reside.

GTI will not tolerate anyone that conducts any illegitimate activities as a member. Any member that conducts illegitimate activities as a member will have their membership terminated under this term and condition (15).

The Member confirms that GTI have not at any time, past or present, given The Member any investment, legal, or tax advice for the country in which you reside, nor has GTI at any time promised or implied any financial gain to The Member or The Member's entity.

GTI is not responsible for The Member's taxation obligations with any private transaction. The member is responsible for reporting taxation from the private transactions in accordance with the member's entity. Tax avoidance/evasion is a criminal offence in most countries. GTI members and member entities are liable for the appropriate taxation obligations from any private transaction.

Legal Covenants: The Member affirms that this document is a binding terms and conditions between GTI and The Member. All sections herein shall conform to the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Term and conditions and Regulations, latest edition.

The Member confirms that this documentation revokes, discharges, and supersedes all prior representation including warranties or terms and conditions, written or oral, between The Member and GTI concerning the subject matter of this document, except as specifically set forth herein.

The Member agrees that The Member has been given the opportunity to independently review the terms and conditions with legal counsel and/or has the requisite experience and sophistication to understand, interpret, and agree to the term and conditions and regulations set out by GTI.

The Member agrees that The Member has entered into these terms and conditions at The Member's own free will and at no time has The Member been circumvented into any terms and conditions within GTI.

It is agreed that emailed scanned documents and any other documents as necessary, duly signed by The Member or The Member's entity are deemed effective and legally binding as a delivered original. This Affidavit may be signed in several counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original and may be transmitted by email only as per term and condition 17.

The Member confirms that with The Member's ticking the agreement boxes on the website's registration that all corporations, organizations, companies, or individuals of which The Member is a part, or who would financially benefit from this association, are bound by these terms and conditions and regulations.

Term and condition 17 - Private Information

GTI will not release any information about any of the company private transactions until the Member has completed the GTI process in term and condition 16. Information on the private transactions is only available to verified Members.

Term and condition 18 - Minimum account balance

The Member agrees to keep a minimum in The Member's account held within a chosen fund or account balance or a combination of both. Please read the frequently asked Questions in the members section and updated announcements in the Company News area.

Term and condition 19 - Verification

The verification is intended to ensure that the information provided by Member in the Member Account registration is accurate. The Member agrees to provide true, exact, current and complete information about himself/herself. The Member also agrees to not misrepresent his/her identity or other relevant information. GTI reserves the right to ask for further documentation at any time as deemed necessary. 

If The Member does not accept the General Term and Conditions, Members Terms and conditions, General Policies and Disclaimer as the Terms of Service of being a member, The member is not allowed to register or enter the GTI website.