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GTI & Global Fund Management Industry

Assets of the global fund management industry are growing aggressively. In this global competitive market GTI is simply a financial intermediary that allows a group of investors to pool their money together with a predetermined investment objective. GTI has fund management teams which are responsible for investing the pooled money into specific securities (usually stocks, bonds and money markets).

GTI is one of the most successful fund management corporations which gives you an automated dashboard to control your investment and the most impressive future is that you can leave it for as long as you want and after a while come back and collect amazing returns on your capital investment. (You don't have to figure out which stocks or bonds to buy or sell).

  GTI Fields Of Activities

You should consider two main benefits of GTI over individual investment in stocks or Money Markets. Ability to diversify investments without having to invest a lot of money and the opportunity for professional managers to do the job for you (i.e. you can go to rest once you put in your money as professional fund managers take it up and properly invest on your behalf).

Diversification helps to reduce investment risks. By owning stocks of multiple companies, the funds share value is not devastated if an individual stock performs poorly.

Expertise of the fund manager in training, time and the resources allows best and informed investment decisions on behalf of GTI investors. Selecting securities to buy, allocation of available money and timing to purchase or even Diversification is all done by GTI fund management team.

 Some of you may ask what exactly are Stock, Bonds, Money Market Funds and Asset Allocation!

  Money Market Funds

These funds are a great place to park your money. Whether you're storing money for emergencies, saving for the short-term, or looking for a place to store cash from the sale of an investment, money market funds are a good place to invest. These funds invest in short-term debt instruments and typically produce interest rates that double what a bank can offer in a checking account or savings account and rival the returns of a CD (Certificate of Deposit).

The beauty of money market funds is that you can often write checks out of your account and they provide a high amount of liquidity (ability to cash out quickly) not found in CD's. These funds are not FDIC insured, but in the history of money market funds no money market fund has ever folded, yet many banks have failed and many investors with over $100,000 lost out.

Bond Funds

Bond funds carry more risk than money market funds are often used to produce income (useful in retirement) or to help stabilize a portfolio (diversification). The primary types of bond funds are:

Municipal Bond Funds, Corporate Bond Funds, Mortgage-Backed Securities Funds, U.S. Government Bond Funds

 Stock Funds

Stocks funds are considered riskier than bond funds (although certain bond funds can be very risky) and are used for growing your money. Money market funds and bond funds typically provide returns just a percentage or two above inflation, but stock funds should do much better over long periods of time.

 Asset Allocation

The different asset classes are stocks, bonds, real-estate, derivatives and commodities. The exercise of allocating funds among these assets (and among individual securities within each asset class) is what investment management firms are paid for. Asset classes exhibit different market dynamics, and different interaction effects; thus, the allocation of monies among asset classes will have a significant effect on the performance of the fund. Some research suggests that allocation among asset classes has more predictive power than the choice of individual holdings in determining portfolio return. Arguably, the skill of a successful investment manager resides in constructing the asset allocation, and separately the individual holdings, so as to outperform certain benchmarks.

 How GTI Deals With Investors Money

GTI uses unique techniques in mentioned fields to perform a high performance trades with a categorized & well managed portfolios depending on in what condition the member's Deposit Level is.

As we have a money pool, we divide it to Sub-Accounts (Depending on our investors accounts we have developed several categorize of Sub-Accounts). We have a portfolio to manage the main pool generally and we have different portfolios for each category of sub-accounts.

For example When you Deposit your money as a Main or Special Deposit, we transfer your money to one of our Long-Term portfolios and we are definite that you are going to be with us for a long time (Because no one wants to lose the annual Fee). Now we transfer your money to projects which are long term and in return they pay much more than usual trades so you can earn much more money with us.

We always make sure that the element of risk in losing the initial capital is near to zero on every portfolio that we plan for each category of accounts (of course no one can claim that in these kind of markets they can omit the element of risk 100%.)

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